Smart home security tips for personal and cyber protection

With the surging popularity of smart home technology, it’s essential to ensure both personal and cyber protection. The U.S. smart home market is projected to reach nearly $50 billion by 2026, offering convenience and energy savings. However, to make the most of these innovations while safeguarding your home and data, consider the following tips:

Smart home security tips for personal and cyber protection

Strong Passwords

One of the most critical steps is to create robust passwords for all your smart devices. Avoid using default passwords, which are often simple and easy to guess. Instead, craft complex passwords that are at least 12-16 characters long. Consider using a memorable phrase or jumbling significant dates, such as a pet’s birthday, in an unconventional sequence.

Secure Your Home Wi-Fi

Your home Wi-Fi network is the gateway to your smart devices. Ensure that your smart devices are connected to your main house account, and don’t allow guests to connect to it. Many Wi-Fi routers offer the option to create a guest account with a separate username and password. This prevents visitors from accessing your main network and inadvertently compromising your network’s security.

WiFi-Enabled Devices

Be mindful of the growing number of Wi-Fi-enabled household appliances, such as faucets, InstantPots, and microwaves. Before connecting any device to your network, assess its practicality and whether you will control it through a connected app. If a device won’t serve a useful purpose in your daily life, or if you won’t interact with it through the internet, it’s best not to connect it. Every connected device introduces a potential vulnerability that hackers could exploit, especially if it has default passwords or unknown security flaws.

By implementing these smart home security tips, you can enjoy the benefits of smart technology while minimizing the risks associated with cyber threats and unauthorized access.

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