The 10 Best Medicare Plan Comparison Tools for 2023

Navigating your Medicare options can be an overwhelming process. With options like Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans, Part D prescription coverage, and various add-on benefits, choosing the right combination for your needs is challenging.

Thankfully, there are many helpful Medicare plan comparison tools available both online and through individual brokers and agents. These easy-to-use platforms help you objectively compare multiple Medicare plans at once to find the plan that’s the best fit based on factors like cost, coverage, accepted doctors, prescription drugs, and extra benefits.

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We compiled the top 10 best Medicare plan comparison tools for accurately evaluating your options during open enrollment for 2023 coverage.

Best Medicare Plan Comparison Tools

1. Plan Finder

Medicare’s own free tool allows you to customize and compare Medicare plans in your area. You can filter plans by drug coverage, monthly premiums, deductibles, maximum out-of-pockets costs, and types – Medicare Advantage (Part C) or Medigap. The tool also shows overall plan star ratings by analyzing various quality and performance metrics.

2. AARP Medicare Comparison Tool

Trusted resource AARP offers a user-friendly plan comparison checker. Input your medications and pharmacies, doctors, and preferred hospitals to see compatible coverage options. You also estimate total out-of-pocket costs per plan. Useful educational guidance and FAQs help inform your choices as well.

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3. Everence Medicare Guide

Everence’s online Medicare platform quickly finds Advantage and/or Part D plans matching your health profile, providers, and prescription drugs. The Guide ranks best-fit options and allows comparing up to three plans side-by-side for easy analysis. Chat with agents or schedule in-home appointments too.

4. ViaBenefits Plan Finder

Personalized support and plan recommendations tailored to your specific medical situation from ViaBenefits. Answer a few quick questions about your healthcare needs, providers, medications, and location. The tool then displays costs and details for plans suiting your needs in one simple dashboard to easily weigh options.

5. eHealthMedicare Comparison Tool

One of the largest private Medicare plan comparison sites, eHealth’s tool makes it simple to find Affordable Care Act compliant Medicare plans in your area. Free to use, just enter your ZIP code, medications, and preferred pharmacies to evaluate suitable Supplement or Advantage options.

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6. Plan Finder’s online checker allows you to enter multiple doctors and prescription drugs to filter compatible Advantage and Supplement plans available in your region. Out-of-pocket costs, drug coverage tiers, premiums, copays, etc. are presented in an easy overview grid to analyze and decide.

7. Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Center

Mutual of Omaha offers customized Medigap policy price estimates based on age, ZIP code, tobacco usage, policy selection, desired start date, and more. Quotes are provided by licensed Medicare insurance agents specialized in Supplement plans. Useful downloadable educational Medicare resources as well.

Best Medicare Plan Comparison Tools

8. BenefitsCheckUp

A top tool for researching financial assistance programs for Medicare costs. Answer a short questionnaire about your situation, medications, income level, and expenses. Available federal and state programs that can help cover premiums, copays, deductibles, Part B, etc. will be identified to save you money annually.

9. Plan Eligibility Tool

MedicareWire’s tool helps you determine if you might qualify for certain Medicare plans based on your health background. Provide details on chronic illnesses, assets/income, prescriptions, providers, residence, etc. Recommendations for Special Needs Plans you may be eligible for are provided if applicable.


The official government Medicare plan finder website allows you to find and compare prescription drug plans, health plans, Medigap policies, and more. Enter your medications, pharmacy, location and other preferences to see costs, coverage details, restrictions, ratings and more for compatible plans in your state. Completely free to use.

Carefully comparing Medicare plans using the right online tools can potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars annually. We recommend using 1-2 of the most fitting comparison sites for your situation from the list above to simplify researching the optimal Medicare coverage.

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