These are the best days of the year to shop for holiday deals on electronics

The holiday season is a prime time for snagging fantastic deals on electronics. While some consumer electronics are already discounted more than a month before Christmas, the real treasure trove of savings usually unfolds during the traditional price-slashing window between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

From now until November 16, shoppers can enjoy discounts ranging from 10% to 20% on various tech items such as televisions, video game consoles, and computers, as reported by Adobe Digital Insights. This offers consumers the opportunity to kickstart their holiday shopping while keeping their wallets happy.

These are the best days of the year to shop for holiday deals on electronics

According to Vivek Pandya, the manager of Adobe Digital Insights, this is an advantageous period for consumers. However, shoppers will face a decision between waiting for the best discounts during the “Cyber Five” period, which spans from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, and securing their desired tech product before it potentially sells out.

For those seeking the most substantial savings, it might be worth waiting for the “Cyber Five” period, as discounts can go as high as 30% on Cyber Monday, especially for electronics like TVs and sound systems. If you’re on the hunt for TV deals, Black Friday (November 24) is the day to mark on your calendar, while for computers, Saturday, November 25, is your best bet, according to Pandya.

Retailers, however, are known for their flexibility. If they find themselves with excess inventory after the Cyber Monday rush, they may introduce surprise discounts on other dates throughout the season.

Following Cyber Monday, discounts are expected to taper off but should still be around 16% off, according to Adobe’s projections. Melissa Tatoris, the vice president of retail at Zeta Global, also anticipates that the best electronics deals will be available on Cyber Monday, with the possibility of deep discounts lingering into the later part of the holiday season.

Typically, the most significant discounts on electronics occurred after Christmas, around December 27. However, this year, retailers are better prepared in terms of inventory management and supply chains. This reduces the likelihood of a surplus of post-Christmas bargains.

While waiting until after Christmas may seem like a gamble, it could also mean limited product selection, as Brian McCarthy, the retail strategy principal at Deloitte, pointed out. Retailers are signaling a more efficient approach to inventory management this year, making it less likely for excess stock to be available for post-Christmas markdowns. So, consumers may need to strike a balance between waiting for potential post-Christmas deals and securing their preferred electronics while they’re in stock.

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