The Top Apple TV+ Series You Should Be Streaming This Month

In an era of endless streaming options, Apple is keeping up by offering a robust content library through its Apple TV+ platform. With prestige picks spanning thought-provoking dramas, big-budget spectacles and family friendly fare, its selection of exclusive originals stands out from the crowded marketplace.

This guide spotlights the highest quality Apple TV+ shows available to binge watch right now. Whether looking for your next engrossing drama obsession or breezy sitcom diversion, these acclaimed titles should rise to the top of your watch list before year’s end.

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The best shows on Apple TV

1. Bad Sisters

Centered around the suspicious death of a grating brother-in-law in Ireland, this darkly comedic thriller unravels the mystery of whether his own wife and her eccentric sisters played a deadly role.

Led by an ensemble cast including Sharon Horgan and Anne-Marie Duff, Bad Sisters balances sinister suspense with quirky humor across 10 clever episodes filled with intrigue.

2. Severance

One of 2022’s most buzzed about freshman series, the dystopian workplace drama Severance earned an impressive 14 Emmy nominations with its enthralling first season capped by a killer cliffhanger finale.

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With a stellar cast featuring Adam Scott and Britt Lower, the show envisions an alternate reality where employees agree to surgically divide their work and life memories into strictly separate existences. As the unsettling truth about his employer Lumon Industries unravels, Scott’s befuddled protagonist Mark Scout leads an experimental thriller that will keep theorizing what’s to come in the already greenlit Season 2.

3. Trying

An under the radar charmer, Trying spotlights the relatable struggles of a modern couple navigating all of life’s little and large obstacles while attempting to simply grow up.

Starring British duo Esther Smith and Rafe Spall as an unmarried pair yearning to one day become parents, this heartwarming comedy deftly balances their quirky chemistry and countless miscues with genuine emotional honesty across three seasons (and counting).

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4. Mythic Quest

For viewers wanting belly laughs with their streaming binges, the sharp workplace sitcom Mythic Quest lands plenty of comedic blows. Focusing on the antics swirling around a fictional hit online role playing game and its zany staff working (and hardly working) in the offices of developer Mythic Quest, the wall-to-wall jokes fly fast thanks to top-notch writing and an All-Star cast.

Notable among the talents keeping things uproarious include breakout star Charlotte Nicdao alongside veterans Rob McElhenney and F. Murray Abraham. And with 20 fresh episodes under its belt after recently concluding a stellar sophomore run, now makes for an ideal time to log into the mayhem.

5. Prehistoric Planet

For documentary fans, November 2022 brought an early holiday gift in the shape of Prehistoric Planet. Produced by BBC Studios alongside executive producer Jon Favreau, this revolutionary 5-part natural history series takes viewers on an immersive CGI time travel journey back 66 million years to the late Cretaceous period when dinosaurs still roamed the primordial landscapes.

Blending state-of-the-art visual effects wizardry with leading scientific insights and discoveries, Prehistoric Planet makes the age of massive beasts like the towering Argentinosaurus feel more real than ever thanks to exquisitely rendered behaviors and biomes. It’s an eye-opening adventure certain to ignite wonder and curiosity in viewers of any age.

6. For All Mankind

Imagining an aspirational “what if” scenario where the global space race never ended after Russia claimed the first Moon landing ahead of Apollo 11, this provocative sci-fi series envisions rapid technological innovations keeping lunar exploration ambitions burning bright decade after decade.

Anchored across three seasons (so far) in the 1980s, the politicking, pioneering astronauts and engineers of NASA push expansion deeper into the solar system while facing familiar personal relationship troubles back on the increasingly dystopian home front simmering with social unrest.

Boasting truly cinematic visuals portraying moon bases and Mars missions coupled with nuanced character drama, For All Mankind provides prestige viewing catnip for genre fans.

7. Ted Lasso

In one of streaming’s most buzzed about breakouts, an American football coach improbably imported overseas to lead a struggling British soccer squad overcomes profound culture shock to win over players and fans through radical empathy, biscuits and belief that nice guys can finish first.

With a towering performance from Emmy magnet Jason Sudeikis backed by a phenomenal supporting cast, the deceptively deep comedy Ted Lasso tugs heartstrings as effectively as it triggers belly laughs over two glorious seasons (and counting). With rumors swirling over a potential Season 3 premiere next summer, now makes for an opportune time to catch up and get acquainted with the eternal optimist Ted and the lovable underdog squad AFC Richmond.

8. Echo 3

For action-oriented audiences, this gritty thriller co-created by Academy Award winning producer Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty) delivers suspense and geopolitical intrigue in spades.

When a young American scientist researching sustainable crops vanishes along the volatile Colombia-Venezuela border alongside her Afghan-born husband, her Special Forces soldier brother leads a clandestine military effort to track them down before nefarious forces beat them to it.

Anchoring the intense 10-episode first season, Echo 3 stars Luke Evans and Jessica Collins while exploring timeless themes of family bonds versus sworn duties against a tense Latin American backdrop.

9. The Afterparty

For lighter palate cleansers with a comedic twist, The Afterparty brings together a star-studded ensemble cast including Tiffany Haddish, Sam Richardson and Ilana Glazer to unlock clues behind an apparent high school reunion murder.

With each episode retelling events through distinct genres reflecting the former classmates’ unreliable memories, viewers must discern fact from fiction to help solve the central mystery by the chaotic night’s end alongside a bumbling detective portrayed hilariously by comedian Ben Schwartz.

Equal parts humor, intrigue and visual whimsy, The Afterparty sticks its Season 1 landing while still leaving plenty more stories left to explore among its kooky characters when, not if, the reunion continues.

10. The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

Finally, for those in mood for cathartic melodrama, this limited series adaptation brought life to the acclaimed Walter Mosley novel exploring heavy themes of family, mortality and the spiraling impact of dementia on individuals, loved ones and communities.

With heartrending turns in front of and behind the camera by mogul executive producer Oprah Winfrey alongside an award-worthy lead performance from legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson, Ptolemy Grey confronts trauma and redemption with equal parts grace and emotional firepower.

Diverse Content Options to Satisfy ALL Viewers

Like sampling an exquisite box of assorted chocolates, Apple TV+ offers specialized treats to gratify seemingly all tastes. Beyond prestige dramas and big name star vehicles lies hidden gems tackling vital social issues, telling overlooked stories and spotlighting emerging voices worthy of attention.

Thanks to intuitive interfaces and generous trial periods allowing ample opportunity to freely explore its full offerings, viewers can easily curate their own personalized watch list this month filled with acclaimed Apple originals aligned to individual interests. Because with uniquely compelling series as varied as folk music fable Shantaram, immigrant memoir Little America or mind-bending Foundation, the streaming service delivers bountiful options for discerning small screen fans seeking their next binge obsession before 2023 concludes.

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